How do I become a Skip member and what is the best option for me?

Comparison of Skip's membership options

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Are you looking for help as a small business owner or entrepreneur? Join the tens of thousands of other Skip members!

Skip has two types of membership options โ€” Skip Plus and 1-1 memberships.

Skip Plus

Skip Plus gets you access to exclusive content and webinars, early access to funding and grants, and funding reminders, plus members-only sessions with our CEO and founder. You can get a free 1-week trial of Skip Plus with thus link.

1-1 Memberships

We have 3 types of 1-1 memberships where we'll work with a select number of business owners and entrepreneurs to directly help them get to the next level. The type of 1-1 membership depends on what type of help you need for your business.

You can see the 1-1 membership options on the Skip Join page.

Have questions before booking your membership? Call us at +1-650-695-6133 (M-F 7AM - 5PM PST) or book a time to talk with our memberships team.

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