How do the $10k Skip grants work?

Skip's larger grants ranging from $5k to $20k

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In addition to the monthly sweepstakes grants, Skip also makes available larger grants. You can find these grants on the Skip Dashboard when they're available.

These grants do require an application and are evaluated by a team with judging criteria and a winner is selected. See past grant winners here. The specific criteria is usually within each grant application but here is an outline of how winners are selected:

Skip Grant Selection Criteria

  • Criteria varies by grant and is included in the grant details page

  • No purchase is necessary for any Skip grants

  • To have a qualified entry used must Submit their complete application by the stated grant deadline. This means that there application status must say "Applied"

  • Answers are reviewed and scored both by person and by AI. AI helps review, for example, applications that might be incomplete.

  • Finalists are selected internally and reviewed by the Skip team and a winner is selected; winners are then contacted by email

  • Winners typically will have a congratulatory call with Skip's CEO Ryder Pearce

  • Winners typically receive the money, pending meeting grant and payout terms, within 2-3 weeks of winning.

Winners must be based in the US, be actively working on a business or side hustle, have a US bank account, have a US TIN or EIN, complete a W9 tax form, and set up their US bank account with Skip's payout system.

If you have additional questions get in touch with the Skip team at

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