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How do I apply for grants on Skip?
How do I apply for grants on Skip?

Information on applying to grants effectively on Skip

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On the Skip Dashboard you can discover grant opportunities across the US. You can see the Most Popular, Recommended, Due Soon, as well as grants that you're tracking.

After discovering grants, there are two main ways to apply:

Applying to Skip Grants

Skip typically has 1-2 active grants at any given time that require answers to application questions. These grants are funded by Skip. To track and fill out application questions, click the blue "I'm Interested" button (see below)

You can then fill out the application questions for a Skip grant and see instant feedback after saving if your answers are "weak", "moderate", or "strong. You can also write your answers with AI (see below).

Submitting Skip Grants

Then once you completely answer all questions on the Skip grants, you'll be able to click the green "Submit Application" button. We recommend reviewing your answers first as submissions are final (see below).

Selecting Skip Grant Winners

Skip notifies grant winners and all applicants after the submission deadline if they've won or not. Skip also updates the status automatically on your dashboard. You can see grants you've applied for under "Saved Fundings".

Applying to Non Skip Grants

The majority of grants listed on Skip are through third parties, these include companies, non-profits, and the government. In these cases, you need to apply directly on the third-party website.

In some cases, you can write your application answers first on Skip and save them. But you will still need to go to the third-party website by clicking the green "Apply on External Website" button (see below).

How Does Grants Auto-Apply Work for Non Skip Grants?

For some grants, Skip can apply automatically for you. To opt-in to this, toggle on "Auto Apply" in the blue box at the top of the dashboard.

Skip will notify you when it applies to grants on your behalf and you'll also be able to see the tag "Auto Applied" on your Dashboard (see below).

How Do I Get Notified If I Won a Non Skip Grant?

The third party that the grant is through will notify you directly, depending on their process. Skip does not get notified about who wins these grants, it is up to the third party directly. If you have questions about this, contact the grantor organization directly.

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