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Can Skip help me write grant applications?
Can Skip help me write grant applications?
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Yes! There are two ways Skip can help you write (and improve) your grant applications: With the "Write with AI" feature and by booking a time to talk with our experts.

Use Skip "Write With AI" on Grant Applications

Under grants that have questions listed on Skip, you can use the "Write With AI" feature listed next to every question to draft grant responses. Once you draft a response, you can also get AI feedback on your grant answer. See this on your Dashboard.

Talk with a Skip Expert

Want personalized 1-1 help from the Skip team. You can book a call or series of calls with a member of the Skip team to review your application, help write or proofread your application, and in general help you better prepare your submission. The Skip team can also help you in other aspects of your business as needed. You can see call options here.

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