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How does the grants "Auto Apply" feature work?
How does the grants "Auto Apply" feature work?
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The grants "Auto Apply" feature is available to Skip Plus members. When you turn on this feature, this means that the Skip team will automatically enter you into grants every single month. This typically is at least 1-2 grants per month.

How does this work?

  • Every month Skip will enter you into the ongoing $1k Skip Grants automatically

  • Certain grants on the Explore page you'll be able to "auto apply". For these all you have to do is express your interest and our team will apply on your behalf.

  • Once we enter you into the grant you'll get an email

  • The auto-apply works based on information Skip already has about your and your business.

  • To see which grants you've been auto-applied to you can always go to the Saved Funding page and look for the "Auto Applied" tag.

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